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Dave Shucksmith - Lincolnshire - 12/11/20

Dave Shucksmith - Lincolnshire - 12/11/2020We farm 800 acres in the Mid Marsh of Lincolnshire. Our priority break crop is still Oilseed Rape and along with that comes the annual toothache of keeping the Pigeons off !!!! Hence, we possess a shed full of Banger, Kites, Windmills and the like. Unfortunately, Bangers are becoming very anti social especially on the field in question this year which is surrounded by trees and next to a Wildlife sanctuary. I have tried every conceivable type of equipment to deter Pigeons from this field and was basically at my wits end. So it was really as a last resort that I remembered about the Peaceful Pyramid. I bought 2 units and from the day they were installed, I have had no problems with Pigeons at all !!! It is pretty miraculous and such a thorny issue to be resolved so simply and cheaply. Simply astonished by the results.

RP Worth & Sons Limited - Lincolnshire

Mr Worth farms 1,000 acres of fenland silt. Besides the usual arable mix they grow 120 acres of potatoes and 100 acres of peas. It was to protect kale, grown for pheasant cover to promote wildlife, that Mr Worth bought his first Peaceful Pyramid. The first unit was put to work on the kale. The results were good, so as peas were planted, further units were deployed with equally satisfying results. The most dramatic effect was on rooks. Mr Worth thought it was worth a try to clear a spinney which was used as a rookery. It cleared the spinney in 3 days. His 9 Peaceful Pyramid birdscarers have worked well in their first year and he is looking forward to further success next season.


Groveland Fruit Farms - Norfolk

Mr Filby owns a 1,200 acre fruit farm and farm shop complex in North Norfolk. He purchased his first Peaceful Pyramid birdscarer in 1997 after losing his complete first sown crop of cabbages and brassicas, and also receiving many complaints from surrounding neighbours about the indiscriminate blasts from his gas guns together with the subsequent visits from the local police! He purchased the Peaceful Pyramid for his second sowing and was amazed to find that it cleared the pigeons from his plots.

"It is important to put the machine out as soon as you have sown the crops", said Mr Filby, "This seems to be the best way of keeping pigeons at bay." He returned to us in May 1999 to purchase another unit for his expanding farm, "I am very pleased with the results achieved by the Peaceful Pyramid."

Mr Alcock, Church Farms, Lydiate, Merseyside

Mr Alcock purchased his first Peaceful Pyramid in 1998, and has since purchased a further 5 units to protect his brassicas. Mr Alcock states, ""They are a simple but effective way of keeping pigeons, rooks and crows at bay."


Gordon Alvey - East Midlands Electricity

"We have continuous problems with birds fouling on our electricity transformer boxes. We have also experienced customers with the poles around their homes suffering badly from bird faeces. This is a problem that we are constantly trying to combat."

"I purchased my first 3 pyramids back in 1997, I thought we'd give them a try, and they have certainly proved an excellent addition to our birdscaring products. We have bought 10 so far, and will look to buy more in the future."


Scott Bowen- Andrews Airforce Base - USA

"Our organisation has purchased several of your Peaceful Pyramid birdscarers and tested them over a period of 6 months during nesting season to ward off blackbirds, starlings and pigeons. I would like to say that they work very well for our purposes, NO BIRDS! Thanks."

Major I Kruger - Commanding Officer - Langebaanweg Flying School - South Africa

"CFS Langebaanweg is a flying school that trains pilots and flying instructors for the South African Airforce. Flying safety is a major concern there. An open area such as an airfield tends to attract birds that may pose a possible flying safety hazard. Being committed to integrated environmental management, the South African National Defence Force were looking for an ecologically friendly way to deal with this problem."

"A Peaceful Pyramid birdscarer was provided and tested on the airfield in 1998. The general impression was that the unit was highly effective and repelled birds in the area where it was implemented. Although it was recorded that the device could be seen from approximately 5 nautical miles (10km), it had no effect on the aircrew or air traffic controllers. The radar and instrumentation were not affected either."


Sealord Shellfish - New Zealand

"We have received your birdscarer, and in the first few hours of use it has done the job very well. The local seagulls are pretty upset to say the least!"


Poul Harkjaer - Garta Aarhaus, Denmark

"On reaching the end of our first season as dealers for the Peaceful Pyramid birdscarers we must say that we are very satisfied with the sales achieved. I think also that 2000 will be a good year because the customers who have bought this year are very pleased with the product."

"In Denmark we have mink farms where the Peaceful Pyramid has been tested for the first time and the results look good. Mink farmers in Denmark have big problems with birds who come and eat the mink food and risk spreading disease between farms. The Peaceful Pyramid has gone some way in reducing this risk by reducing the numbers of birds landing and feeding in its vicinity."

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